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Title: Blake Lively goes on spending spree
Post by: OMG on November 24, 2010, 07:06:27 AM
Actress goes on spending spree. Being a fashion icon isn't all red carpets and cover shoots. There's time and effort involved, sweat and tears, etc. Blake Lively -- Vogue's "Best Dressed" cover girl who famously claimed she doesn't have a stylist -- spent over four hours at Christian Louboutin's invite-only sample sale in New York last week looking through the inventory. She tried on all sorts of shoes and boots "while surrounded by towers of shoeboxes," a detail which befits Lively somehow.

But while the experience of navigating through a crowded retail space and trying lots of stuff on may sound familiar, that sort of nightmare, for us non-Livelys, typically results in the purchase of one, maybe two, items. Or you text a picture of the shirt in question to your friend and you get a text back that says "Eh :-/" and you decide not to get anything.

But things are different when you're Blake Lively. The "Gossip Girl" star emerged from the sale four hours later (probably looking effortlessly fresh and smelling like cotton candy) with more than 40 pairs of Louboutins, which could have cost up to $2,000 a pair. Forty. (Which as a recent Vogue Best Dressed Special Edition cover girl, she might have been able to get for free.)

"I have sisters, so I'm getting gifts for them and for friends," she explained. "Of course, I got quite a few for myself, too."

This is the difference between Blake Lively and the world's mortals. She can snare 40 shoes without a second thought. We wouldn't even be able to fit half that many in our one-bedroom apartment.