Contest for Batch DWCT-High School 1987

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Contest for Batch DWCT-High School 1987
« on: January 20, 2011, 04:35:11 PM »
Contest Rules:

A game will start now exclusively for my high school classmates in High School who graduated at DWCT Batch 1987. The first 2 posters who can reach 10,00 posts will receive $100.00 each during our High School Reunion next year July 2012. Interested to Join? You only have 1 year and a half to do this, you can let your kids, wife or husband do this for you. There are more surprise prizes to come. so, good luck and have fun posting.

You can create your own topic or just keep on posting, i will definitely see who can first reach the first 2 10,000 posters. in no time, without knowing it, you may have won and better off posting here than at facebook ;D

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