Stacy Lewis’ mom broke her leg

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Stacy Lewis’ mom broke her leg
« on: April 05, 2011, 12:27:19 am »
Stacy Lewis’ mom broke her leg during Nabisco celebration

By Shane Bacon

One of the best traditions in golf always comes at the first LPGA major of the year, when the winner, and anyone she invites, takes a leap into Poppie's Pond surrounding the 18th green at the Dinah Shore Tournament course.

On Sunday, after Stacy Lewis put the finishing touches on her first LPGA win ever, The Golf Channel caught her inviting people over to jump in the pond with her. As the cameras closed in, Lewis instinctively told her group, that included caddie Travis Wilson, sister Janet, mother Carol and dad Dale, to jump out far, because the first part of the lake is shallow.

Sadly, the instructions didn't help Carol (pictured above in the blue shirt), who, according to Beth Ann Baldry, broke her fibula. Baldry reports that Carol ran 14 miles that morning in preparation for an upcoming marathon, and the injury from the jump forced her to be sent to Eisenhower Medical Center.

Now, might I suggest something, because I know things like this usually call for an overreaction -- instead of scratching this fun tradition, why doesn't the golf course just make that area a little deeper, or have an area that you can jump into without fear of injury. Obviously if Stacy knew this, everyone else on tour knows the water isn't extremely deep, so pushing the depth of the pond a little lower would just help anyone accompanying the winner. Or you could just go for the cannonball like Travis did. That'll insure the legs are all right.