Helio Castroneves Naked

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Helio Castroneves Naked
« on: January 25, 2012, 03:59:16 am »

This is Helio Castroneves naked

Unlike those moral-free jackanapes at Sports Illustrated with their lite-porn swimsuit "issue," the leaders of ESPN: The Magazine know how to create art from the beauty of naked athletes. Which is why they shot Indy racer Helio Castroneves with only a tire swing covering his Borg-Warner trophy.

Helio does seem to be getting shafted here; Hope Solo, Alicia Sacramone and other female athletes all seem to get professionally prepped photos highlighting their flesh artistry.

Helio, on the other hand, looks like he was stuck in someone's backyard with a point and shoot. But now we know what rubber is big enough to fit him.