Roach thinks Pacquiao could knock out slower Mayweather

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Roach thinks Pacquiao could knock out slower Mayweather
« on: February 27, 2015, 08:17:01 am »
Yahoo PH Sports

Freddie Roach, Manny Pacquiao’s trainer during his ascent to the top of the boxing world, thinks that his ward has enough not just to beat Floyd Mayweather but knock him out.

“I think Manny beats Floyd, breaks him down, and knocks him out before it’s over,” Roach said in an interview with Michael Woods of Ring Magazine.

“In watching Floyd’s career, he’s definitely slowed down somewhat,” the trainer said. “Manny has also, everyone ages. But I think Manny’s legs are fresher than Floyd’s. Against [Chris] Algieri, Manny boxed really good, good rounds the whole time.”

Roach, who is already studying tape of Mayweather while waiting for Pacquiao to fly to Los Angeles, noted that the undefeated American fighter takes rests during the fight. He added that this could be a point of attack.

“When Floyd sits down and rests, Manny will catch him. Floyd is a defensive master. But he takes rests. And the only place to do it is on the ropes,” Roach said.

“If Manny catches him on the ropes, Floyd can look at Manny, think he has pretty fast hands, punches pretty hard. But you don’t really feel it until you’re in there with him. He has devastating power, and he jumps in so suddenly. He still has the power and speed to get a KO.”

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