How about Actemra for GCA if you have no negative side effects from Prednisone?

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  I was diagnosed with GCA in Sep2016. Got 60mg Pred, reduced to 25mg in Dec2017. First flare-up. Back to 60mg, using DSNS method down to 17,5/15mg. Second flare up. Back up to 20mg, not enough, 30mg, still stiff in morning and paniful hands and feet. Tomorrow I will start going back to 40mg. Hopefully that is enough to suppress symptoms and then start going down again. I have had no significant side effects even when I was on 60mg. I sleep well, have gained almost no weight. A little rounder cheeks, but I don't think that anyone else actually notices. I believe that I should be able to get back down to the 20mg relatively quickly and then back to patiently using DSNS to get down lower.

My Rheum wants to try Actemra. Who has experience with this and who would you recommend it for me?
Please help.


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