Plastic Surface Prep

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Plastic Surface Prep
« on: October 09, 2017, 01:09:30 am »
When it comes to making the surface acceptable for a metallic finish, which surface type is best for the bare plastic? I know shiny gloss black (possibly polished up and smoothed out) goes below the metallic. I know surface imperfections are magnified in a sense with this finish so I know a scratch and lump free surface is recommended but would it be even better to go beyond that to a buffed bare plastic? Possibly to the point of seeing reflections (not perfect mirror but close)? I wound up going over the model with a tweezerman nail buffing kit (works better than any fine sanding/buffing pad I've found and easy to find at non-specialized stores btw) and this is now the finish of the bare plastic. My worry is the smooth as gloss surface texture will not play nicely with a gloss black or stynylrez base. Would this be more likely to lift or flake off if I use any other base besides lacquer based tamiya gloss black? Do I need to tone down the shine a notch to what I would call semi-satin (not quite gloss, not quite satin)?

Please help.

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