I stand with my U.S. President Donald J. Trump 100%

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Re: I stand with my U.S. President Donald J. Trump 100%
« Reply #10 on: November 23, 2020, 07:19:42 AM »
Mr. President Trump,  what happened to you was the same thing happened in Election in Philippines using Smartmatic with Dominion software. The most significant was the last 2016 Vice Presidential Election in Philippines.

The anomalies were:

.The suspicious early vote transmission from a certain place (Ragay, Camarines Sur) before the day of election. The election was May 9 but the cheaters have been transmitting result on May 8 from an untraceable IP address.

.The sudden insertion of SD card in middle of vote canvassing in Comelec on May 9, which suspiciously change the flow of election results. Bongbong Marcos was ahead of 1 million but was surpassed by Leni Robredo when that SD card was inserted. Bongbong Marcos vote froze so as the opponents while Leni Robredo's mischievously accelerating.

. The mismatch voters' biometrics of voters in election day compare to their registration.

.Mysterious digital lines was discovered on ballots during 2013 which add or subtract vote result once it enters in PCOS machine.

And many more.

All these have been proved by our prime clean election advocate Atty. Glenn Chong. In cost of this, his loyal friend, Richard Santillan was brutally kidnapped, and tortured to death by paid police killers. Now, he's fighting for justice for the involved criminal policemen and generals. He directly accused Smartmatic for the crime.

Smartmatic is a cheater and a killer.

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