Don’t be insecure if your heart is pure

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Don’t be insecure if your heart is pure
« on: May 27, 2021, 04:46:25 PM »
Don’t be insecure if your heart is pure.

Lady Gaga
In a crowded field, Lady Gaga is one of the biggest pop superstars of the past decade-plus, and a huge part of that fame comes from her ability to inspire self-worth through her lyrics. That’s just what she does in her song “Bad Kids” (co-written by Lady Gaga, Fernando Garibay, and Jeppe “Senior” Laursen), off the empowering, anthemic 2011 album “Born This Way.” This song was inspired by the many stories Gaga heard from fans while touring — anecdotes about being judged for one's appearance, dealing with divorcing parents, and more. The song is dedicated to those who have been through hardships but remain good-hearted in the end. “I wanted a song to tribute their stories,” Gaga tweeted. “I’m a Bad Kid, too.”