Comparing Caffeine in Coffee Shop Drinks

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Comparing Caffeine in Coffee Shop Drinks
« on: April 02, 2009, 01:23:17 am »
One minute, science experiments are tsk-tsking caffeine, and the next, it's like unicorns and rainbows for your health. At Serious Eats, we need to stay awake for all the latest in food news, so we just need to know which coffee shop drinks get the job done. To find out how much caffeine lurks inside coffee shop drinks, we checked in with some of the usual suspects, including Peet's Coffee, Groundwork, and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on the West Coast, as well as Intelligentsia in Chicago, and the McDunkin'bucks around the corner.

In descending order, here are the average caffeine contents per milligram (most were calculated from original 12 or 16 ounce portions). If you're swearing off the hyper juice, here are some ideas for curing those wicked caffeine headaches.

These numbers are based on averages


Starbuck's Espresso Shot: 75 mg per ounce

Peet's Coffee Espresso Shot: 46.67 mg per ounce

Starbucks Coffee: 21.67 mg per ounce

Groundwork Roasted Coffee: 18.75 mg per ounce

Intelligentsia Roasted Coffee: 10 to 16.86 mg per ounce (depending on which kind of coffee)

Starbucks Americano: 14.06 mg per ounce

Starbucks Caramel Macchiato: 9.38 mg per ounce

Starbucks Cappuccino: 9.38 mg per ounce

Starbucks Latte: 9.38 mg per ounce

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Regular Ice Blended: 9.17 mg per ounce

McDonald's Regular Coffee: 9.08 mg per ounce

Dunkin' Donuts Regular Coffee: 8.94 mg per ounce

Celestial Seasonings Earl Grey Black Tea: 7.5 mg per ounce

Starbucks Tazo Chai Tea Latte: 6.35 mg per ounce

Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee: 4.34 mg per ounce

Celestial Seasonings India Spice Chai: 3.75 mg per ounce

Starbucks Decaf Coffee: 1.6 mg per ounce

Starbucks Hot Chocolate: 1.6 mg per ounce

Dunkin' Donuts Hot Chocolate: 0.7 mg per ounce

Bubble Tea Tapioca Balls: 0 mg (It all depends on what drink you get with them!)

Hot note: So...a basic cup of coffee contains a lot more caffeine than a drink with two shots of espresso. Crazy, we know. But look, a 16-oz cup of coffee at Starbucks contains about 346.72 mg of caffeine, while the 16-oz latte contains 150 mg (because two shots of espresso are two shots no matter how big of a drink they are in).