Usain Bolt shatters his own 200m world record

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Usain Bolt shatters his own 200m world record
« on: August 21, 2009, 02:59:10 am »
His best yet: Usain Bolt shatters his own 200m world record

By Chris Chase

In the past 15 months, Usain Bolt has won three Olympic golds, a world championship and set four world records. But tonight may been his most impressive feat yet.

The Jamaican sprint star shattered his own world record in the 200m at the world track and field championships in Berlin, running a scintillating 19.19 and besting the second place finisher by over six-tenths of a second. His old record, set in Beijing, was 19.30.

Few people (including myself) thought Bolt had a realistic chance of setting a world record tonight, as his run in Beijing was widely considered a "perfect race". Coupled with the fact that Bolt's turns have been less than stellar this season, and it was assumed he'd win the race with ease, but just off his Beijing pace.

Instead, Bolt burst out of the blocks, had a five-meter lead at the midway point and then accelerated down the stretch for yet another dominating victory.

For the first time since he came onto the international scene last year, Bolt looked fatigued at the finish. Usually he barely breaks a sweat during his races, but today he was huffing and puffing during the final 15 meters. So much for the criticism that he was too lackadaisical at the end of his races.

After the race, Bolt collapsed in joy on the track, took a victory lap with the Jamaican flag, staged a race with the championship's mascot and had his hand kissed by a cameraman.

When told that he has now won five consecutive international titles and set a world record in each of those races, Usain Bolt shook his head in disbelief, almost as if he didn't believe it. Join the club.