Thin and Trim in One Hour? The Truth About Body Wraps

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Thin and Trim in One Hour? The Truth About Body Wraps
« on: December 09, 2009, 06:41:24 PM »
by StyleCaster

The annual eating and drinking holiday season has officially commenced. We've welcomed this marathon of edible glutton with arms outstretched, mouths open, and silverware at the ready. Our hunger is prepared to greet each feast we meet with the steadfast endurance of a Coney Island hot dog eating contest champion--"never give up, never surrender" is our motto. We are buffet warriors, dessert demolishers, appetizer aficionados, we...wait, have a small problem. We can't fit into our dress for tomorrow night's party.

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Deep breaths ladies, and say hello to The Body Wrap. Performed at almost every spa, body wraps allow you to lose inches in an hour (no lipo or exercise). ‘Tis the season for miracles, after all.

A friend of ours- let's call her Kris- recently had the procedure done, and she described the experience as surprisingly relaxing and comfortable. Upon entering the spa, Kris was (politely) asked to strip down. She was given a disposable pair of underwear, then completely slathered with an all-natural herbal serum.

Next, Kris was wrapped like a mummy with cloth bandages. She rested for one relaxing hour while the cleansing minerals went to work. Though some of the wraps use heat, they never feel hot to the skin. Instead, they work by generating the temperature within the body.

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Once her hour was up, Kris was unraveled, cleaned up, and sent on her way. Before this experience, she had tried on her tightest pair of jeans and couldn't get the buttons to touch. After her body wrap, Kris reported that not only was she able to button her pants, they were loose.

In addition to making inches disappear, body wraps have been proven to reduce cellulite, tighten, and improve the skin's overall texture. Its detoxifying powers are also said to strengthen one's metabolism and lymphatic system.

Body wraps are only a quick fix, however: Kris' shrunken size lasted over a week, but some spas claim results will last two. These wraps work by removing impurities and excess water, which will eventually be put back into the body. For longer lasting results, spas recommend frequent appointments.

We've decided that we're totally okay with the short-term effect if it allows us to fit into (and look thin in) our Herve Lerger bandage dress. So go ahead, continue to indulge your holiday cravings--we not only salute you, we'll be joining you. See you at the spa!