Sen Trillanes, general granted temporary liberty

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Sen Trillanes, general granted temporary liberty
« on: February 16, 2010, 08:51:16 pm »
MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE) Detained Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and 17 others who have been charged with rebellion for seizing and taking over a hotel in Makati City in 2007 have been granted temporary liberty by a local court, the senator’s lawyer disclosed.

Judge Elmo Alameda of Branch 150 of the Makati City court set P200,000 bail each for Trillanes and the 17, including Brigadier General Danilo Lim, who is running for senator in the May elections under the Liberal Party.

In the order he signed Tuesday, Alameda allowed Trillanes, Lim, and the 16 military officials to be released while their case for rebellion was being heard in court.

Alameda said the evidence presented by the government, so far, supported the charge of direct contempt of court against the accused, but not the charge of rebellion.

"No direct, material and competent evidence adduced to prove the specific act committed by the accused constituting the crime of rebellion or any of the elements thereof. The walkout from the court, the marching to the Manila Peninsula hotel and the press conference held in the same hotel denouncing the administration of President [Gloria Macapagal-]Arroyo are not sufficient to prove the non-bailable crime of rebellion," the 16-page decision read.

The walkout staged by the accused in the middle of a hearing for their role in the 2003 mutiny at the posh Oakwood Apartments in Makati could only be considered an act of direct contempt of court and not rebellion, said Alameda.

Trillanes, Lim and the 16 military officers are still facing charges for this incident and unless they are released on bail in that case, rules of court state that they will have to remain in jail.

Alameda’s order was in response to Trillanes’ petition for bail filed in 2007, Francisco said.
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