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Ryan Bedford
« on: February 23, 2010, 03:53:33 pm »
U.S. speedskater Ryan Bedford falls victim to patriotic hair prank

By Martin Rogers

RICHMOND, British Columbia — One of the best things about being a veteran Winter Olympian is that you can trick younger colleagues into crazy pranks.

Just ask long-track speedskater Ryan Bedford, who was duped into shaving and dyeing his hair to resemble an American flag by older teammate Chad Hedrick.

Hedrick came up with the idea of both men sporting matching cuts but backed out after seeing the bizarre results of Bedford's follicle surgery.

"Chad is one of the senior guys on the team, so he can get away with it," said Bedford. "We were joking around last night and he said: 'Let's do something crazy.'

"He came up with the idea of the shave. We weren't really thinking that it would end up like this. I'm the one who gets to look weird."

The 23-year-old Bedford, from Holland, Mich., finished 12th in the 10,000-meter event Tuesday.