Memorable and Fascinating Safari of Indian Tigers

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Memorable and Fascinating Safari of Indian Tigers
« on: April 09, 2010, 06:23:16 PM »
by Jenny Franklin   

The flora and fauna play a very important role in maintaining the ecological balance of any place. The South Asian country India is well known for its spiritual and cultural heritage all over the globe but it is indeed gifted with a variety of wild animals in its forests and a lot of greenery too. It is indeed a nice idea to spend a few beautiful moments of your life in the forest zones of India to experience this country from a different angle altogether. There is a lot India has to offer to the tourists in the form of the unique enchanted abode of the wild.

There are many tiger reserves in India that have been given a special status under the Project Tiger that was commenced for preserving the Royal Bengal Tiger and many other wild species and hence avoiding their extinction. There are beautiful tiger reserves, wildlife and bird sanctuaries throughout the country and each one is special in its own right and there is a lot that will leave you simply mesmerized.

In order to enjoy these great homes of the wild animals it is better to get into jeeps in the case of tiger reserves and to go for elephant safari if the probability of tigers approaching is lesser. Watching the tigers behave in their most natural way and seeing them with all their might and majesty will indeed be very nice to cherish.

Bandhavgarh, Kaziranga, Gir, Jim Corbett, Ranthambhore, Dhikala, Kanha Kisli are some of the famous wildlife reserves in India. Royal Bengal Tigers, cheetal, sambar, barahsinga, chausinga, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, panther, leopard, gaur, bison, neelgai, chinkara, deer, peacocks and wild pigs, etc. are also found in these national parks. These forests are rich in vegetation and several varieties of rare wood are found here. Lots of herbs are also found easily in these forests and these herbs are used for the preparation of useful medicinal potions and drugs.

The wildlife reserves are located near well-populated districts and there is a lot in terms of memorabilia that you can take home from these places when you return back home. The markets are filled with varieties of such items that will remind you of your fun-filled visit to India. The cuisine of India takes on a different taste in different directions of the land. Several delicious and mouth watering varieties will be coming on your platter wherever you go and the taste will surely make you want to eat more. You may even write down a few recipes to try cooking when you return back home.

Indian tourism is a very special experience. More thrill, wonder and joy get added to this journey if wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reserves are also included in the itinerary. India is indeed a wonderful country to visit and the wilderness will surely pay back all that you have invested to give you a memorable experience.

Come on! the tiger and the other fauna want to display their natural ways before you, right here in India.

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