Great Summer Vacation Photos

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Great Summer Vacation Photos
« on: May 31, 2010, 11:38:33 AM »
Take Great Summer Vacation Photos
By John Dow

It's that time of year once again, the Summer Vacation officially starts after Memorial Day. The one common denominator on all summer vacations is people taking photos. Everyone wants to remember all the good times and places so what better way to record your adventures than with pictures.

Here are some good tips to help you take better photos this year. Many vacations offer a one-time chance at taking some good pictures that you'll have forever. You can create a small travel log of where you went and what you did to help jog those great memories in years to come.

First thing you want to do is check your gear. It may have been awhile since you trotted out that digital camera and a quick check on both condition and camera controls are in order. Of course it helps to have a great camera but it's more about using what you have to the best of your ability than how fancy a digital camera you have.

Taking a few minutes to check your digital camera and re-aquaint yourself with the basic operation can really improve your photos. Find your manual or go get a copy from the manufacturer's website. I know a lot of the camera manuals are terrible but they do provide some good information about the different controls. And some are actually well written and offer excellent advice.

Get some fresh batteries (or recharge your set) and your digital camera for a test drive to make sure it's still working properly. Drag out that manual and quickly review the basic settings and take a few sample photos to review. Many digital cameras have preset or specific settings for different types of conditions. These presets can help a lot since they are the recommended settings for many different scenarios. They configure the digital camera to operate properly under these specific conditions better than most users.

Some of the universal settings might be for subject matter (people, long shots, close shots), lighting conditions, (overcast, bright sunlight, night), and other factors like action shots (where you want to freeze the action). Most times these settings are dead on and can make a difference in the end result. They are well worth a couple minutes to review and understand how to use.

Another huge factor in getting great photos is how you frame the scene. Always do a quick check of what's in the picture, no poles sticking out of heads or other distractions from the main subject. Always try and fill the frame, get close enough or make sure you have the elements included that you want. And try a few different angles, not just straight on from the front. And don't be afraid to take more than one shot, shoot multiple versions.

Another big problem some people have is blurring or out of focus photos. Most digital cameras, especially cameras with telephoto lenses, can take a second or two to auto focus. A good habit to get into is to partially depress the shutter button and let the camera have time to focus, then snap the shot. This little tactic alone can save many photos from the trash.

Always try and have the brightest light behind you and not in the subject matter (unless you want to get a sunrise, etc.). Any bright light behind your subject will throw off your camera sensors and adjust for the bright light rather than your subject lighting. Move to an angle or find some way to eliminate the direct light into the lens.

There you go, just a few suggestions for better Summer Vacation photos. You could probably do this checking equipment and manual review while traveling to your destination. The only issue might be if the digital camera did not work and you would have to replace it at your destination, which might be difficult or expensive. But you could make sure it works before you leave and then read the manual while you travel. That might be the best bet.

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