Amsterdam Museum

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Amsterdam Museum
« on: June 04, 2010, 07:29:24 PM »
Amsterdam, Netherlands - Bijbels Museum
By Harry Preston

The Biblical Museum is where the Bible, art and culture meet in a monument full of history. The renowned architect Philips Vingboons built the two historic buildings on Herengracht for merchant Jacob Cromhout in 1662.

This atmospheric setting provides a home for the unique collection of one of the Netherlands' oldest museums, with its well-preserved kitchen, ceilings painted with mythological figures, and a large garden. Displays include archaeological finds, old bibles dating from the 15th century, and models of ancient temples. There are various artifacts from ancient Egypt, centuries-old models of the temple of Solomon and Herod, and religious objects from the Judeo-Christian tradition. A 19th-century model of the Tabernacle shows a reconstruction of the sacred shrine housing the Ark of the Covenant. Clay tablets, fragments of papyrus and archaeological remains tell the fascinating story of how the Bible came into existence, and the influence it has had on Dutch society through the ages. Displays centred on a model of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem explain the significance of this sacred place in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The collection of bibles includes the first book to be printed in the Netherlands, the treasured Delft Bible, in 1477, and a first edition of the 1637 Dutch Authorized Version. The translation, printing and distribution of bibles have a history which is closely interwoven with the birth and development of the Netherlands as an independent state and also with the evolution of the Dutch language.

The Bijbels Museum is both a religious and an eye opening landmark. Be sure to visit it during your next stop in Amsterdam.

This article about bijbels museum in Amsterdam Netherlands Tour was written and edited by H.Preston.

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