Rob Green extends blooper reel

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Rob Green extends blooper reel
« on: June 13, 2010, 12:57:33 am »
Rob Green extends blooper reel, lets U.S. back in for draw

By Brooks Peck

WM 2010 ENGLAND - USA || Green failed || Schlecht || Verpatzt || Kassiert

Steven Gerrard's super quick first goal and the vision of U.S. keeper Tim Howard on the ground and in pain for a few minutes had England feeling lovely as halftime approached in Group C's opening match against the U.S. that the tabloids were oh so sure was a lock (on both sides).

But then England goalkeeper Rob Green - whose name Fabio Capello may or may not have picked out of a hat before selecting his starting XI - proved why he doesn't exactly inspire the confidence of his country by letting a Clint Dempsey shot from distance dribble into his net after bouncing off his hands. Unbelievable by any standards, as Green was kneeling down with his body behind the ball and appeared to be all set to make an easy scoop. His hands just didn't cooperate.

Seems easy enough. Hands behind the ball, looking focused, then...

His thoughts here started with "Oh" and ended with any number of expletives.

As shocking as it was, it also kind of wasn't. Green had more errors leading to goals than any other Premier League player last season (4) according to the statisticians at Opta. And now he's got a big one in the World Cup.

In the end, both sides took a point from a 1-1 draw, which should be good enough for both going into the next two group matches. So, not all that bad for Robert Green. Assuming England advances to the knockout round as expected and Green doesn't let this happen again, it should all be forgotten in a few days.