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« on: January 14, 2009, 03:06:39 PM »
We stepped into the church and it was old and a bit dark. Mass had just
begun and we sat toward the front. We didn't know what to expect here in
Istanbul , Turkey . I guess we expected it to be a sombre Mass, but quiet
and sombre it was not... I thought I heard angels joyously singing
behind me!

The voices were rich, melodic and beautiful. What I discovered, as I spun
around to look, did not surprise me - because I had seen and heard the same
thing in other churches around the world. It was not a choir of angels
with feathered wings and halos, but rather a group of delightful Filipino
Catholics with smiles of delight and joy on their faces as they
worshipped God and sang His praises. I had seen this many times before, in
Rome , in Israel ,in the United States and many other

Filipinos have special traits and they are beautifully expressed as I
gazed at the happy throng giving thanks to God. What are the special
traits which characterize these happy people? I will share a few that I
have noticed- personal observations- as I have travelled around the
world, including visits to the Philippines ..

FIRST, there is a sense of community, of family. These Filipino
Christians did not sit apart from each other in different isles. They
sat together, closely. They didn't just sing quietly, mumbling, or
simply mouthing the words. No, they raised their voices in harmony,
together, as though they enjoyed the sense of unity and communion among
them. They are family even if they are not related.

SECOND, they have an inner peace and joy which is rare in the world
today. When most of the world's citizens are worried and fretful, I have
found Filipinos to have joy and peace - a deep sense of God's love that over
shadows them. They have problems too, and many in the Philippines have
less material goods than others in the world, yet there is still a sense
of happy trust in God and love of neighbour.

THIRD, there is a love for God and for his Son Jesus that is almost
synonymous with the word Filipino. There is also something that
Filipinos are famous for around the world - their love for the Blessed

Among the many Filipinos I have met, the affectionate title for Mary, as I
always hear from their lips, is "Mama Mary." For these gentle folks, Mary
is not just a theological idea, or a historical person, or a statue in a
church. Mary is the mother of their Lord and their mother as well --
their "mama."

The Philippines is a Catholic nation; the only such nation in Asia . And
this wonderful country exports missionaries around the world. They are
not hired to be missionaries, not official workers of the church. No,
they are workers and educators, doctors, nurses and housekeepers that go
to other lands and travel to the far reaches of the earth. And everywhere

they go they take the joyous gospel of Jesus with them. They make a sombre Mass joyful when they burst into song. They convict the
pagan of sin as they always keep the love of Jesus and the Eucharist
central in their lives.

My hope and prayer, while I am here in the Philippines , sharing my
conversion story from Baptist Protestant to Roman Catholic, is that the
Filipino people will continue to keep these precious qualities. I pray
that they will continue loving their families, loving the Catholic
Church, reading the Bible, loving Jesus, His Mother and the Eucharist.

As many other religions and sects try to persuade them to leave the
Church, may God give the wisdom to defend the Catholic faith. As the
world tempts them to sin and seek only money and fame and power, may God
grant them the serenity to always remember that obedience to Christ and
love for God is far more important than all the riches the world can

May the wonderful Filipino people continue to be a light of the Gospel
to the whole world!

Be a proud Filipino and forward this to your families and friends!

« on: January 14, 2009, 03:05:06 PM »

HEALTH WATCH / What is Melamine Use For?
« on: October 28, 2008, 05:43:42 PM »
As received China milk poisoning incidents make everyone afraid to look at the daily news report. Everyday, the reports are changing. No one can clearly tell us what to eat and not to eat.

What is Melamine use for?It is an industrial chemical use in the production of melawares.

It is also used in home decoration." US resistant board"Do you understand?Melamine is use in industrial production?it cannot be eaten?

BREAKING NEWS / Foods to be Avoided made in China
« on: October 28, 2008, 05:38:04 PM »
Foods that contain dairy products should be avoided that are suspected of Melamine stained made in China

Remember: Foods with creamer or milk should be avoided.

BREAKING NEWS / Companies Affected by Melamine in China
« on: October 28, 2008, 05:19:42 PM »
Hereunder are the companies affected with Melamine.

« on: October 29, 2007, 03:14:28 PM »
Beauty Queen Gone Wild?

"Beauty queen threatens suit;
Pleads for respect of privacy

The former beauty queen, whose photos with her boyfriend in intimate poses
are being circulated and reproduced in Bacolod City , yesterday said she is
poised to file charges against people who have been passing around the
pictures pending an investigation by the police, and pleaded with the
public to respect their privacy.
Her lawyer, Councilor Jocelle Batapa-Sigue, yesterday issued a statement
in her behalf, pointing out that the images and video in the gallery of
the cellular phone were taken for the couple's personal consumption.
She said the cellular phone of the girl's boyfriend was stolen on July 3,
while he was sleeping inside his car in Mandalagan and was recorded in the
Police Precinct 3 blotter. The couple had the cellular phone locked by the
National Telecommunications Commission local office on July 4, she added.
The former beauty queen, 20, also appealed to radio stations "to give
peace to an already destroyed dignity." Sigue said the continued airing of
radio stations of unfair and personal comments and verbal attacks
regarding the so-called sex scandal are already too much of a pressure on
her part, and made her break her silence.
She said the images of the so-called sex scandal are not scandalous
because they simply depict the acts of two consenting adults, and what
makes it scandalous is for society to allow these images to spread, the
statement added.
The former beauty queen also decried the move of a local newspaper (not
the DAILY STAR) for one-sidedly and without any factual attribution made
the "sex scandal" a banner or headline story on Aug. 11 and a follow up
story still on page one of the same newspaper that came out on Aug. 12,
Batapa-Sigue said in her press statement.
Although it did not mention the name of the beauty queen, it described her
in detail vividly and confirmed her identity, the statement added.
The report even highlighted the so-called buyer, who is now being tracked
by authorities as a violator of the Anti-Fencing Law, the statement

FASHION and HOBBIES / Hunky Vincent
« on: October 23, 2007, 01:24:36 AM »
Is he HOT?

NEWS ABOUT BEAUTY QUEENS / being a bohol sandugo queen lang naman ako
« on: August 01, 2007, 06:08:03 PM »
laban ka?

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