Singaporean Mister Global finalist has international fans

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Singaporean Noel Ng may not be known here, but he has quite a fan base in Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The 24-year-old told The New Paper in a telephone interview that he did not expect the response after participating in a male beauty pageant - Mister Global 2016 - in Thailand.

In the May 6 finals in Chiang Mai, he came in fifth, behind participants from the Czech Republic, Thailand, Spain and Brazil respectively. In addition, the freelance hairstylist won the Mister Charming Smile Award.

Mr Ng has since garnered a lot of attention on social media from both male and female fans.

He even has a Facebook page called Noel Army with more than 1,100 likes created by fans.

His Instagram account grew from around 600 followers to over 3,200. On top of that, he has at least four Instagram accounts created by his fans.

"My social media (Facebook and Instagram) went crazy," said Mr Ng.

"People started sending in friend requests and commenting on my photos on Instagram.

"My notifications were flooded. I was shocked at the increase in (Instagram) followers.

"All these fans mostly come from Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. There aren't many Singaporean fans," said Mr Ng.

Not bad, considering Mr Ng only participated in the qualifying male pageant to keep his friend company. Instead of his friend getting through, Mr Ng won the first runner-up title and was invited to participate in the Mister Global contest.

Students Warren Dugay and Lemuel Maliwat Dupitas, who are from the Philippines, manage Noel Army with another fan.

They followed the competition by watching it on Facebook.

Warren, 16, told TNP: "Someone posted a photo of Noel in a pageant group on Facebook. I saw his photos and thought he was very cute.

"I like him because he's not snobbish. He's charming and has a genuine personality that everyone will surely love."


He keeps the Facebook page going by organising quizzes and posting photos of Mr Ng.

The winners of the quizzes get a photo of Mr Ng holding a sign with their names on it, also called a fan sign.

Warren, who has an interest in pageants, said: "I will continue updating the Facebook page because I want to show my support for Noel.

"This is the only year that I've supported Mister Global so much. (It's) because of Noel."

Lemuel also found out about Mr Ng through Facebook.

The 16-year-old said: "I want to finish my studies and get a good job and hopefully fly over to Singapore one day to meet Noel.

"I'm just afraid I might be too shy in front of him." said Lemuel.

Mr Ng is Facebook friends with a few of his fans, as he wants to keep in touch with them.

He talks to them online when he is free and often complies with their requests, such as making fan signs for them.

Mr Ng intends to open his own hair salon. He is not keen on joining more pageants as he will be busy with his business and managing the Mister Global Singapore Facebook page - until the next representative takes over.
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